Go Natural

This particular advertisement caught my eye while I was flipping through a magazine.  I find this advertisement to be effective because it makes me want to purchase and try the product.  The top of the ad reads “Go Natural” in large capital letters.  “Going natural” is becoming rapidly popular, whether it is pertaining to food or skin products.  I think it is safe to say that the “all-natural” bug has bitten many people, which is an effective way to grab the attention of an audience.  It also contains a juicy fresh looking pineapple next to the alcoholic product.  However, the pineapple is not what makes this ad effective.  The woman’s hand that is squeezing the juice out of pineapple creates an image that makes my taste buds jump.  This image is effective because it immediately makes me think of the juicy tart taste of a pineapple, which makes my mouth water.  This ad creates a taste that I am very fond of and convinces me that I will like the product very much.

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