A reminder to enhance your lifestyle, INCASE you forgot to

The backpack in this ad is desirable by association. My eyes immediately go to the objects surrounding the bag: iPhone 4, iPad, film camera, laptop and so on. These are all things that I currently own or want to buy in the future, so it catches my attention. The other objects in the ad, like the flannel button-down and hipster wayfarers, describe the person that owns these things as being young, hip, and tech-savvy, all things that I consider myself to be. So because these objects are relevant to my own life, I naturally assume that having this particular backpack is the missing piece of the puzzle, despite the fact that I own at least six backpacks already.
The copy on the right side stands out glaringly amidst a ton of negative space and reads, “Contain Yourself,” which reinforces the idea that my personality is reflected in the items that I own, and in order to make myself complete, I need this bag because it is made specifically for me.
The ad is effective in my opinion because it is perfectly placed to attract me (the target) and contains stimuli relevant to my life. It caught my attention immediately and before I realized what they were doing, I was contemplating buying it.

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