Beautiful Enough?

Casio: Millisecond makeover, MascaraHold-up! Is that a mascara brush going into a camera? Actually it is. The New Casio Exilim camera is said to “improve your image.”

Many women equate make-up with beauty. If you could use a camera that makes you more beautiful, wouldn’t you buy it? The tagline, “Your millisecond makeover,” implies that the camera is going to catch only your best features and make you look even more beautiful then you already are. Women – if I can address you – you know what angle you like your pictures to be taken from, you know what facial feature to play up (or down) with a little bit of make-up. So, would you take advantage of a camera that helps you out a little bit?

If this camera can truly make someone look better than normal I truly believe sales would be through the roof for this camera. But, is what this advertisement is implying fact? Can a camera take a picture and give you a makeover?

I don’t know how realistic of a claim that is, however, what I do know is that being in search for a camera this ad would have caught my eye. I would have contemplated the reality of the claim and been in search for more information. How many megapixels does the Exilim have? What settings are available?

For the ultimate “snap-shot” consumer this camera holds much promise.

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