Playstation 3

Playstation 3

Playstation 3- Becoming Joan of Arc

The ad I have chosen is for Sony’s Playstation 3 gaming console. This ad depicts a young male from our age either giving his heart to be transplanted into a Medieval soldier or receiving a Medieval soldier’s heart. Either way, the message from the ad describes becoming one with a soldier from a time that is usually depicted in role-playing games, a common genre of video games available to the Playstation 3. The message depicts that if the viewer buys the Playstation 3, he or she will receive a more authentic experience when playing a video game.

The message from the ad is not obvious at first look, but requires thought on the viewer’s part. I believe that because of this, the ad is less effective than if the message was more obvious. Many viewers have a short attention span and do not care to stare at an advertisement long enough to decipher a message. I was also confused as to the identity of the soldier, previously thinking he/she was Joan of Arc. It was not until I thought about the ad during the night and morning that I realized it was not her. Most people would not think about an ad for this period of time, and thus not realize the message.

The image can be seen at full at

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