I would have drink with me.

This campaign for Stolichnaya vodka asks the question, “Would you have a drink with you?”

The idea behind Stoli’s ad strategy is to place the product in the mind of the consumer as being original. The slogan used in the ads reads, “The most original people deserve the most original vodka,” and the ads feature celebrities, in this case Hugh Hefner, having a drink (Stoli of course) with themselves. The two images of the featured celebrity are dressed differently and labeled to reflect two distinct roles that they fulfill in the public eye. Hef is shown as a “Magazine Magnate” as well as a “Chick Magnet,” two roles that most would agree he has made himself an example of.

The message is that original people drink Stolichanya, and if you are one of a kind–someone with more than one facet of personality–you don’t need anyone to drink it with. An original person should enjoy an original vodka and be happy basking in their own, interesting and dynamic style that makes them unique. This message seems to be quite effective. While looking at the ad in print a consumer gets the feeling that the next time they plan to drink, they could and should sit just as Hef does, magically transformed into two identical, attractive, but interestingly different people.

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