Crocs: A Mind of Their Own

A little over two weeks ago, I was in NYC on vacation with my fiancé. The whole time we were there is rained and I destroyed a pair of my favorite flats on the first day.  That was when I decided to head over to the Crocs store to purchase a new pair of shoes. My ultimate goal was comfort, but to my surprise the store had every style of shoe imaginable. I ended up getting a pair of stylish and comfortable shoes. I did not purchase these particular shoes featured in the advertisement; however, I do plan on trying these out sometime in the near future.

I was pretty shocked to find this ad because I rarely see advertisements for Crocs. In fact, I had no idea they sold several different styles of shoes until I went to store that day. I found this particular ad in my May of 2010 Yoga Journal magazine. I believe that it targets women 18 and up due to the fact that many of the readers of Yoga Journal are adult women.  The only reason I would point specifically to a younger audience (24 to 36-year-olds) would be because many of the people featured in the magazine seem to be within that age range.

To me this ad conveys a lot of different ideas. The green color on both the yoga mat and the background scenery tells me that the company wants to be perceived as eco-friendly.  The model (focal person) is in a yoga pose while Crocs-people are grabbing hold of her feet.  They could be holding on to her feet to be relay the notion of a strong grip on the foot or they could be massaging her feet conveying that the shoes are comfortable.  The style of typeface used in the bottom right corner is light and fresh due to the white color, but it is also modern.  When a company uses typefaces in its advertisements it tends to want it to reflect the company somehow, so I would assume that Crocs is doing the same thing.

I believe that it is an effective ad because it uses both logical and emotional pieces.  The ad addresses the need for effective footwear and  a ‘dash of fun (humor)’ through the use of Crocs-people. A nice balance of work and play.

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