What’s the Strategy?

Dear Students:

After writing many blogs for my Creative Ad Strategies class, determining the strategy of an ad is now much easier. At first, everything was a little blurry, but with practice it became a lot easier; therefore, if you have troubles when you first begin doing this, don’t panic.

You must first start by knowing everything there is to know about the product. If you don’t know what the product is or what it does, how can you say anything about it? You can’t analyze an ad without knowing anything about what the ad is trying to sell.

Next, you must be able to recognize the target audience. Once you figure out who the the target audience is the ad will become clearer. The target audience is what the creative team also starts with before even creating the advertisement. The advertisement has to be directed towards a certain target audience or it will in the end be directed towards no one; you’re target audience can’t be everyone.

Looking at the pictures on the ad can also help determine the strategy; look at the colors, the fonts, the objects, if there is people look at their faces and so on.

Before deciding on the strategy, analyze the ideas above as well as anything else there is to study in the ad. The more ads you study, the easier determining the strategy will be.

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