How to Identify an Ad Strategy

A simple step-to-step guide to identify an advertising strategy.

  1. Think about the product, who is buying it (demographic), what kind of people are they (psychographic)? This is your audience.
  2. Think about the message they’re trying to convey, does it have to do with a specific product, or the brand?
  3. Think about the research involved, are they trying to sell a product (product-oriented), or a lifestyle (consumer-oriented).
  4. Once you have this down, try to fill in this sentence with your information. From here, You can get a pretty good strategy going. “This ad persuades _______ that______ because_______.”

For Example: This is a common ipod ad.

  1. The people buying these are people who like to have the music they like, all the time, especially on the go.
  2. This message is definitely about the product. It’s the only thing in the ad besides the silhouette of the girl.
  3. There is no text, no product specifications or even anything that shows what the ipod is capable of, except for rocking out. This is a lifestyle kind of ad, it’s very consumer oriented. This girl is is loving the iPod, she’s dancing by herself. It shows freedom. It gives you a feeling, more than knowledge about the product.

So, finally…”This ad persuades music lovers that Ipods are cool and fun because they allow you to do your own thing

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