Future Ad Strategy Students!

Identifying an ad strategy is sometimes easier said than done. Although a simple concept, ad strategies come in all forms; good and bad. Execution, a cousin of the ad strategy, is equally important and often times both have to be brilliant for the ad to be successful.

My own personal advice is to review the chapter in your text that deals with strategy. In our text, George Felton explaines strategy to be the “what” and the execution to be the “how” of an advertisement. I reread this chapter numerous times when writing my blog posts and I can quote this chapter word for word! One final thought is never become discouraged. Always work hard and continue to study what an ad strategy means. Among the many things I’ve learned from this class, the most important thing has got to be that everyone has room for improvement in the advertising industry. Always try your best, relax and enlist the help of your coleagues and your best work will shine through! Best of luck!

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