Finding the Strategy

Dear future students,

Finding the strategy of an ad is not always the easiest thing to do.  Sometimes the execution of the ad overpowers what the ad is really trying to say.

The important factors to look for when defining the strategy is: what, who and how.

You need to know what the product is. I mean REALLY know the product inside and out.  The more you know about the product the more you know how to reach the audience.  How is the product beneficial to consumers?  What does it do?  Once you have this figured out, move on to deciding who your target audience is.

You need to find out who the ad is targeting.  This needs to be a specific audience.  Not just male or female, but age and race, as well as other specifics.  The ad should be very clear about who it’s reaching out to.   If you can narrow down who you’re selling to, creating the ad becomes much easier.  By knowing your audience, you can discover exactly what it is they’re looking for when it comes to buying products. 

After you have the who and what figured out, you focus on HOW you’re going to reach the audience.  Look for what the ad is saying.  How does it reflect on the audience?  If you were a part of this target audience, what would you want the ad to say about the product you’re interested in?   The execution of the ad helps with this.  If you’re targeting a teen group, use the language teens hear everyday.  You need to connect with the audience on a level that they are comfortable with and understand. 

Finding the strategy of an ad can either be really straightforward or hidden behind creative.  Just remember to look for those three things specifically and you’ll be able to find the strategy fairly easily.  Don’t get lost in the creative.  Think about what the ad is saying behind all the fluff.

Good Luck!

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