find the strategy

Identifying an ad strategy isn’t always as hard as you might make it out to be. There are many times where you can over think a very simple ad  strategy to the point where you’re quickly stumbling over words trying to explain yourself.

Be sure to reference the book. It helps a great deal, especially the first few times you need to identify an ad strategy. Remember, some ads can have multiple strategies, so don’t try to narrow it down to just one. If a few fit, odds are they will all work.

Try and figure out who the ad is targeting and what they’re really selling. This may sound a little strange, but they could be selling happiness, or relaxation but advertising for a resort in the Bahamas. Getting the basics down first will really help out in the long run, and make things much easier when more difficult ads come your way.

Just remember, there’s a lot of extra ‘stuff’ added to many of the ads out there to make them catchy. Look past that and see the simple message; start from there. Good luck!

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