Can you find it?

As the completion of semester nears, I have decided that the process of finding the strategy of an advertisement is comparable to a funnel.  Before you determine the strategy, you have to know everything. Then after discovering the other elements of the advertisement, you can bring it all together, narrow it down and find the strategy.

In Luke Sullivan’s book “Hey Whipple, Squeeze This,” he advises newcomers to “Take the factory tour.” Now, this may be impossible to do as a student, but conduct your own tour. Research the product or service down to its core. Find everything and anything that you can that may be helpful.

After learning about the product, try to figure out who the ad is speaking to, or the target audience. It may be helpful to create fictional characters that relate to the audience.  Get to know the “people” that make up the audience.  Who are they? What do they look like? Where do they work? Where do they live? What are their morals? What do they like? Even the smallest details can help.

Finally, think about the tactics the creators of the ad used. What is the tone of the ad? Are there certain colors or design elements that relate to the target audience? Sometimes there may be an underlying message in the ad that is not spelled out for the audience.

Finding the strategy of an advertisement may not be the easiest task. In fact, up until about half way through this class, I was still unsure if I was taking the right approach. Don’t question yourself. If you think you have the strategy in your head, you probably do.  Questioning yourself will just cause you to create “fantasy” strategies that are unrealistic.But with research, practice and encouragement, you’ll be  a strategy-finding wiz in no time!

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