Blogging 101

After having a full semester of Creative Ad Strategies under my belt, I’ve learned that all the advertisements you see can be compared to the finished product of a completed puzzle.

There are many key pieces that compose the final puzzle as a whole, and breaking down the strategy is kind of like arranging the pieces every which way to figure out what works best.

One of the first puzzle pieces is figuring out what exactly you are trying to sell. You need to figure out what kind of puzzle you are selling to the market, if you will. The more you know about your product, the better off you are.

The next puzzle piece should be the target audience. The most effective way to target an audience is to narrow it down as to who exactly your  message would resonate best with. Keep in mind that there is not one person roaming the earth that fits the demographic of an 18-24 year old female, because every person in this category varies greatly. However, the most important rule of them to targeting your audience is that if you try to please everybody, you will please nobody.

Everybody knows that putting together a puzzle involves strategy. You cannot dump all the pieces onto the table at once and expect the puzzle to come together itself. The same way of thinking applies to defining a strategy. Whether it’s product or consumer based, knowing how you want to execute your strategy is essential.

Although this task may have you feeling puzzled at times, if you think strategically you can complete it successfully, while having fun with it as well.

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