Identifying Strategies

 There are many things that go into finding the strategy of an ad for a product.

First, you have to understand your product and what about it sets it apart from the rest of all the other products in its particular market. Know your product inside and out including its features, benefits and everything in between.

Next you must understand the target audience. Who is this particular ad aimed at? You must first know there is no such person that exists who is 18-24 y.o. belonging to the upper class. That could be anyone from Lebron James to Sydney Crosby. To anyone who is unsure of either of these two men they are different in almost every way, shape and form, they just so happen to fit the same profile mentioned prior. Know the type of consumers that are brand loyal and try to figure out why they chose this specific brand.

When looking at the ad, try to figure out how they are trying to sell it. What kind of tactics are they using to try to drive their message home to their target audience? Why did they use the image and tagline they used to sell their message and how effective was it?

Trying to find an ad’s strategy isn’t easy, but with patience, practice and everything else previously mentioned, the process of finding the strategy can be made a lot simpler.

Remember that whether or not an ad grabs attention isn’t the most important thing, it’s whether or not you get your message across to the target audience intended. 

Good luck, work hard and remember to have fun with it!

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