Dear future ad strategists.

Dear future student,

I am writing this post to you to compose of what I have learned this semester in Creative Advertising Strategies.

Defining a strategy behind an advertisement can be tricky  at times, but with practice it starts to become easier. For me the first step is to think about the product. Know everything about this product — it’s audience, competition, history. Then read into possible imagery or copy, whichever is more prevalent in the ad at hand. But reading and looking at both is important to do and see how they can tie together.

Then the next step is to take all the components present and knowledge of the product and see if there is an underlying theme or message. What is needing to be said with the ad. This would be the ad strategy. If the message is not so simple to come across, it sometimes help to read more into what you think the ad and the product/brand is trying to say.

Once you have the message figured out, its time to figure out the approach. Approach it gently, boldly or colorfully. With the (message) + (approach) = the ad strategy.

Hopefully this can help,
Sincerely Sarah

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