Starts With the Basics

How to identify an ad strategy?

Start with the basics.

Determine the “what.” What is this ad trying to sell? What is the product?

Next, determine the “who.” Who is the ad aimed at? Who is the target market?

Finally, determine the “how.” How does this product resonate with the target audience? How will this product differentiate itself in the marketplace?

Once the what, who and how are figured out, a strategy can be developed.

There are two main types of strategic approaches: product-oriented and consumer-oriented. These two approaches range from rational to emotional appeal. Product-oriented arguments are more reason based and consumer-oriented approaches often appear more emotionally driven.

However, each advertising situation will be different from the one before it. The goal is to understand the parts of the advertising development so well that you see how they all fit together – to know enough to write an ad that works or be able to pick apart an ad and decipher its parts.

Identifying an ad strategy is easier said than done. It takes time and patience to really be able to understand the message, but with practice and knowledge of the advertising world and the pieces and parts that go into developing an ad, it will come quicker and be more natural over time!

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