Denver Water

For Denver Water, conserving water is a big part of their business and the Denver way of life. When researching the company’s background by visiting their website, I noticed a lot of their advertising is guerilla oriented. This ad in particular stood out to me because it’s clever and straightforward. The ad shows a park bench with plenty of room for one person to sit on painted with Denver Water’s signature orange color. The rest of the bench is missing. This strategy shows the customer that even though you will be conserving water, you will still have enough to use for your own personal needs. Also, the copy on the bench says “USE ONLY WHAT YOU NEED,” which strengthens the connection between conserving water and the partially intact bench that’s big enough for one person. Denver Water’s guerilla advertisement is not only creative but it is successful in spreading the issue of water conservation in eye-catching, thought-provoking kind of way.

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