Don’t Speed

This ad is a PSA against speeding.  The purpose of guerilla marketing is to get the attention of the audience in an unusual way.  This is a good example of guerilla marketing because the ad is in a location you wouldn’t normally see an ad and it has a powerful message behind it.

The strategy of the ad is to get the attention of drivers while they are stopped at a red light or stop sign and remind them not to speed.  The ad shows a man behind bars and the bars are the lines you would normally see on a cross walk.  The PSA reminds you that speeding is illegal and there is a consequence of going to jail or seriously injuring yourself or someone else.  Placing the ad on the street for walkers and drivers to see is very effective.  People are not used to seeing an ad painted across a crosswalk so this really catches an audience’s attention.  The guerilla tactic really helps get the message across in a creative way.

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