Horton Loves Hunters


This print ad is from Brokaw in Cleveland and the client is Horton Crossbows.

I chose this ad because my father is a serious deer hunter and this ad resonates with that. The Horton Crossbow is for the true and successful hunter; similar to the one I grew up knowing.  Brokaw uses a consumer-oriented strategic approach in this ad with a focus on the lifestyle subset. Being a hunter IS a way of life and I have seen it first hand. The ad is showing that by choosing a Horton Crossbow to hunt with you are making the right choice by not “almost” hitting your target. The Horton Crossbow will get the job done and the lower part of the ad says “One shot. One choice” which solidifies this message. Brokaw’s strategy is successful in capturing the essence of the true and serious hunter in this advertisement.

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