RTA- Brokaw

These RTA advertisements were produced by the Cleveland ad agency, Brokaw.

This strategy for the series of print ads have a consumer-driven approach. The targeted consumer would be any non-RTA user afraid of change of routine or commitment. A common misconception about the RTA among non-consumers is that utilizing a bus system can be inconvenient, confusing, or full of hassle. In order to highlight the benefits of the RTA to consumers, these advertisements bring attention to common hassles that a regular driver may experience on a usual basis.

Parking troubles and issues on the road with other motorists can easily be eliminated when utilizing the RTA, if you let them do the driving for you. Consumers will see the ads and realize they won’t miss driving when seeing how much easier riding the RTA can simplify their daily commute. With this campaign strategy, Brokaw is pointing out the hassles and aspects of driving that will be alleviated and not be missed if alternative transportation is used.

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