I chose an ad for Purell designed by Wyse advertising agency.  The purpose of the ad is to get you thinking about how many germs are in the world and that they’re everywhere.  In this ad, the strategy is to prove to consumers that with Purell the germs can be taken care of and you never know what you’ve come into contact with.  The ad executes this by sharing facts about how many germs are everywhere and tying it in to the office enviroment.  Most people don’t realize how many germs there really are.  The number of germs on an office desk compared to a toilet seat is shocking.  Wyse advertising did a couple other print ads and some electronic media spots for the rest of the Purell campaign. 

The strategy of basically “grossing people out” with the truth about germs kind of adds that subtle shock value to the ads.  Wyse took these facts and tied it in to what some people are faced with everyday.  Such as: the office enviroment, bathrooms, public transportation, and so on.  I thought the ad had a good strategy and was executed well because of the way it grabbed my attention.  I’m definitely more aware of germs, and will continue using Purell hand sanitizer.

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