Ovaltine is Full of the Good Stuff

This Ovaltine ad was produced by the Cleveland ad agency, Marcus Thomas.

The strategic approach they used was product-oriented. The ad sells a product feature. Ovaltine is a chocolate drink for children; however, it contains iron and vitamins C and D. The product containing these vitamins is important because parents do not want to buy their children unhealthy drinks.  So, Marcus Thomas displayed this distinctive feature, among a chocolate drink, to appeal to parents to satisfy the need to provide their children with a healthy, but delicious drink. The execution of the ad displays a glass of Ovaltine to contain more iron and vitamins C and D than a spinach-sardine yogurt. Parents will see this ad and instantly be shocked and want to purchase Ovaltine for their children because it is a healthy drink that is packed with vitamins and because their children will enjoy drinking it.

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