“Women are soft and gentle, but they hit things.”

  My roommate of all people would love this ad because he has the idea that women, no matter what age or ethnicity, can’t drive. I know that he isn’t the only man on earth who thinks that, and it has crossed every man’s mind at least once in their life. This ad was probably produced in the late 40’s 0r early 50’s, when the Beetle was first introduced to the American public. During this time period, many men were back from the war, ready and able to continue their old jobs, and women were put back into the stereotype of ‘housewife’. Men made most of the big buying decisions around this time, including family vehicles. The strategy of this ad ties right into that: to use a little humor against the stay-at-home wife’s driving abilities to relate and market towards the working class man of the house as well as show the affordability of replacement parts.

The only way this strategy would be effective today would be if it (1) even got the chance to be put into any sort of media then (2) luckily got a good viral buzz. (3)Volkswagen would then have to deal with the enraged feminists suing them for as much as they possibly could. Basically, I don’t think this kind of thing would do to well in today’s American society.

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