Nash — The car everybody likes.

Nash Motors is an automobile manufacturer that was founded in 1916, and is no longer in existence today. It was ultimately acquired by the Chrysler Corporation.

The strategy in this ad is to sell their brand of car, to sell the adventures you can have and to sell the features their cars have. There is a lot of copy, but it is entertaining to read. The fourth paragraph reads “This Nash is eager to take you to those unspoiled secret places of the world, where roads and hills keep lesser cars away.” The Nash cars are described to offer and escape where you would be taking a higher road than others.

I think that this ad would not be relevant in today’s world because these cars are not being made anymore. The way they detail features of the cars would be relevant to today’s car ads, but the cars of today are way past the features they name. The main reason it’s not relevant is due to the innovations of today’s automobiles, which are far above Nash’s.

(This ad is from the 1940s.)

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