Coca Cola

This is a classic looking black and white Coca Cola ad that focuses on the features and benefits of the product. Positioning Coke as the ultimate anytime relaxation beverage puts them in a purchaser eyes of a perfect buy because Coke will fit the need of any calling.

The copy at the bottom lists a few different scenarios where your day may have been a little rough or hectic and you just need to unwind, and it lets you know Coke will be there to get you through it.

“Be prepared…buy Coke by the case” again tells readers there is always a need for Coke, so why not go for the case? This way you’ll have plenty for the unexpected guests, that rough day at work, a quick lunch or a relaxing day; Coke has it covered.

This ad is still relevant today because Coke is a very well known brand and it’s still a convenient beverage. In today’s Coke advertising they still show how it fits into every lifestyle and pairs with almost everything perfectly. Why not go with Coke? They give you every reason to drink it, and most of them we can relate to.

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