Christie Brinkley!

 My throwback ad is a Prell ad from a 1986 issue of Seventeen that features supermodel Christie Brinkley. The ad’s strategy is to sell the conditioner that goes with the shampoo by enhancing the conditioner’s benefits. The ad is making the consumer aware that great body DOES come from Prell shampoo, but the consumer cannot stop there. The Prell conditioner is the finishing touch that manages and enhances the shampoo, building upon the beautiful body the shampoo has already delivered.

The strategy of this ad is still relevant today because most shampoo and conditioners equal beauty. That’s what Prell is trying to sell, your hair will be more beautiful if you use their shampoo AND conditioner. The ad makes the two an “unbeatable body-building system” which is still a prevalent selling point today. Also, by using Christie Brinkley as an endorser, Prell solidifies its argument by showing Brinkley with her beautiful blonde hair full of mind-blowing body that their product made a reality. Using goodlooking celebrity endorsers is definitely a strategy/execution  that is still effective today.

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