WWI Navy Recruitment

This ad is from 1917.  Advertising at this time was very different, yet very similar to advertising today.  Today, we still use the same concepts that were used way back at the beginning of advertising.  In this ad a “Christy Girl”, named after Howard Chandler Christy, is encouraging men to join the Navy during WWI.  The ad copy reads “Gee!! I Wish I Were A Man.  I’d Join The Navy.” 

 This strategy of making something seem desirable that some people may not necessarily think is desirable, is still used today.  The “Christy Girl” almost seems envious of males because they have the opportunity to be in the Navy and women do not.  We see this with several products today in a slighty different way.  There are always products being advertised saying you are lucky or fortunate to be able to own them.  Today, however, these products are easier to achieve and there is not much holding a person back from purchasing products other than money issues. 

The ad also says, “Be A Man And Do It.”  This is also somtimes used today in advertising.  Some ads send the message that if you are in a certain demographic or group that you are not that person if you do not own that specific product.  In this ad, by saying “Be A Man,” it is targeting males and pointing out their role as men.  You see this today in car ads, and also nurturing products that point out a woman’s role as a mother. 

This strategy is still relevant today, but women not being able to join the military is not relevant because of the passing of women’s rights.  Now, women are allowed to be in any military branch and are able to fight for our country just as equally as men.  The concept is similar but the actual advertisement of women being envious of men in the war would not be seen today.

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