Mr. PC, I’m a Lotus

 This week we head back to 1998. Ya know… back when companies advertised against Microsoft.

This ad is for Lotus notes and it speaks directly to consumers and warns how Microsoft is spending millions of dollars to convince them that Microsoft makes superior products.

The right half of this ad lists the possible features of Microsoft Exchange and Lotus notes and shows eight areas where Lotus comes out on top. These are cherry-picked of course, but the strategy is clear. It is to stop people from switching to Microsoft even though Microsoft says to.

Of course this strategy is still relevant today. As everybody knows, companies still advertise against Microsoft: Apple in particular. But even in other market sectors companies advertise against each other all the time. Car ads frequently use charts like the one seen here on the recto.

 This strategy would even be effective today. Apple has been immensely successful attacking its competitor, Microsoft, so I don’t see why other companies can’t succeed in similar ways.

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