Shame on you, Camel…

Despite its consumer-oriented approach, this ad is quite misleading. At first glance, it would seem that Camel is encouraging readers to quit smoking. Smoking is widely known to be a health risk, but many people still continue to smoke despite these warnings. Quitting can be very difficult though, yet this ad’s strategy makes it seem as if the company is trying to encourage the reader to quit smoking. Camel, a company generally associated with cigarettes and tobacco, even has its logo accompanying the words “break free.” It all seems quite contradictory until you notice the words “Camel Snus” in small print at the top of the ad.

Being that I don’t smoke or use tobacco, I Googled “Camel Snus” to find out that Snus are a chewing tobacco that the company produces. While it seemed the company was utilizing reverse psychology in a way, they were actually saying “quit smoking and chew tobacco instead.” It’s a bold move, but they are technically not misleading in the sense that they are essentially saying that quitting smoking is alright. The ad may seem encouraging to smokers trying to quit, but it’s truly an example of the company’s carelessness for its consumers’ health.

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