Live Party Ready (Who Doesn’t?)

 This ad for Bacardi Silver Mojito (mango) is a classic example of a consumer-oriented ad. There are a ton of alcoholic beverages on the market, so it is important for a brand to stand out.

This specific brand stands out by being “party ready” and containing “cool mint” and “crisp lime.” And mango!

The strategy is to sell the good time that accompanies the purchase of this particular beverage. Nowhere in the headline does it say it contains alcohol. “Party Ready” is the only clue. There is no question however that this ad is selling the lifestyle that comes with the brand. The palm trees are a clear indicator of this, but they are the execution of the ad.

To a lesser extent, this ad also includes characteristics of what Felton calls “brand image” and “attitude.” The brand image is the personality of the brand—the way this alcoholic beverage differs from others. And the attitude, similar to the lifestyle, contains the state of mind that consumers are in when consuming the product—one of being carefree and enjoying life.

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