Join the Revolution.

We’re all more than familiar with the the brightly-colored, hip Apple series of advertisements for the iPod. The Apple brand image has grown to be a highly-recognized “badge” brand, to the point where it has evolved that consumers personify themselves with the brand (I’m a Mac vs. I’m a PC).

Apple iPods are by far the most popular brand of MP3 players purchased, however, they do not offer the best features or benefits in the product market itself. What sells so many iPods to consumers is the “cool” factor that goes along with the brand. The consumer-oriented strategy of the flashy silhouette in this ad allows consumers to picture themselves in their place, and to imagine how it would feel to own one and be able to proudly dance to the music.

The copy at the bottom of this ad does not tell about any specific features of benefits to the iPod compared to other brands. It merely tells consumers “Welcome to the digital music revolution” and stresses the fact that there are already “Over one million sold.” This is simply urging and convincing consumers to jump on the bandwagon keep up with the other iPod consumers in order to maintain the trendy, cool lifestyle that the brand image holds.

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