Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wranglers are unique vehicles. They are one of the few out there that can become completely topless and let you become free to your surroundings. Many non-Jeep owners don’t know about the “wave” that happens when two Jeeps pass each other or all the events and meetings that take place around the country that draw thousands of Jeeps together. To go even further, there is a magazine that sells only jeep parts, after-market supplies, and accessories. Owners of these short wheel-based vehicles live Jeep; it’s in their blood.

This print ad shows how versatile they really are. It shows how functional yet fun they can be. Taking you rock climbing, swimming, and snowboarding all in one vehicle, even in one day. The combinations and variety of tops and doors are listed and shown in the pictures letting potential customer know that a Jeep is exactly what they need in their life. It can even spark some insight into current Jeep owners with accessories out on the market for their adventure machines.

I can speak from experience because my first vehicle was a Jeep Wrangler. Having a Jeep is unlike any other vehicle, and all Jeep owners know it. We’re all proud to drive and show them off. We look forward to summer when the top goes down and the doors come off and we’re open to the elements.

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