For the little things in life.

First of all, let me say that I do not condone the habits implied in this advertisement!

Now, with that being sad, I feel that this ad is an excellent example of a consumer-oriented advertisement.  This ad uses humor, for a man’s point of view, and proves that there are endless possibilities of Post-Its coming in handy.

This Post-Its ad falls into two subsets: Brand Image, Lifestyle. It can be assumed that this image is of the classic “morning-after” scenario.  The man in the image has placed the Post-It on his, for lack of a better word, company’s forehead at some point in the night.  The use of Brand Image is blatant because of the fact that the adhesive of the Post-It withheld through hours of sleep.

Post-Its are usually coined as an office accessory. However, this ad breaks that mold by fitting the use of Post-Its into a young, lustful man’s life.  Instead of on a reminder on a calendar, The Post-It provides a helpful reminder on a woman’s face. No excuse for forgetting her name now.

Guys, take my advice, don’t try this at home.

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