Canon: Power Shot

When you first look at this ad you may not realize it’s an ad for a camera.  There isn’t someone physically holding the  camera and the product isn’t the center of attention.  The Canon power shot camera lets customers know they’ll never miss a moment in life because they can capture it on their camera. 

This ad is consumer oriented because it appeals to the consumer by showing that with this camera you’re sure to get every shot you take.   This ad shows Canon as a lifestyle.  The lifestyle being that with this camera you won’t miss anything in life.  This is desirable way of life because no one wants to miss important things in life and everyone wants to share those important things with others when they can. 

This ad and other ads in the current Canon campaign portray different situations where having a quality camera with a clear shot would be desirable.  It comes up with different “modes” you would want your camera to have, even though these modes aren’t actual options on the camera.  It just shows that this camera can capture anything you want it to.  Canon does a good job of portraying that desirable lifestyle of never missing a moment.

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