Bring the beautiful.

Valspar Paint has been around for 200 years (the copy in the bottom portion tells us this). The ad shows a serene and beautiful location with rocks, water and isolation — it shows nature in solidarity. Below the picture shows a paint sample of “humboldt earth” and then reads “Bring the beautiful, durable colors of nature home.” (Also noted — the square taken out of the rock as a color sample for the paint swatch.)

With this ad the strategy is to let consumers know that they can bring all the beautiful colors seen in nature to a wall in their living room or bedroom. They want consumers to know that they have a wide array of colors to choose from. The color they want could be from a rock that was interesting, a flower or the blue sky from last week. With Valspar Paints anyone can find the colors they are looking for that will “stand the test of time, just like nature itself.”

Valspar has a way of bringing an array colors into your home from wherever you find inspirations. They have a quality, time-tested product. The consumer-oriented subset of this ad is attitude. The ad associates the “product with a state of mind” by providing a serene and trusted feeling with the image. The ad lets the consumer know that they can have the trusted and durable colors of nature in a paint provided by Valspar Paint, a trusted and durable product. They provide an attitude of serenity of nature through paint.

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