There are journeys that turn into legends.

At first glance, you may not realize this ad is for Louis Vuitton. The beautiful beach and the man, Sean Connery, were the first to catch my attention. The strategy here is basically saying by carrying a Louis Vuitton bag you will be seen as classy; these durable bags are made for the rich/classy people and are sturdy enough to be taken on your adventures. Also, I think they chose a male for the ad because most people would associate Louis Vuitton with females, and this is telling us that the brand is meant for both males and females. Lastly, the quote “There are journeys that turn into legends” says that by carrying a Louis Vuitton on your adventures, you will be remembered.

This advertisement falls under two consumer-oriented subsets: Brand Image and Lifestyle.

  • Brand Image: create and sell a personality for the brand. This ad does not talk about the features of Louis Vuitton bags or anything else about the bag. They are selling a very expensive bag in which in most cases only the wealthy can afford. When most people hear “Louis Vuitton” they may think of things such as: Rich, nice, expensive, leather, Paris Hilton, and so on. When seeing this advertisement, you basically think “money, money,money” and the personality would be that of a wealthy person.
  • Lifestyle: associate the product with a way of life. In this ad, Sean Connery, a popular male actor, is relaxing on a dock at the beach with his Louis Vuitton. If you can afford to walk around with a Louis Vuitton bag, chances are you can afford a trip to the Bahamas or a beach very similar. Many people who carry designer bags and wear designer clothes have a lifestyle such as Sean Connery in the advertisement; free to do whatever you want and go wherever you want anytime you’d like to.
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