Swiffer Duster

The Swiffer duster has replaced the old rag that probably still has dust on it from four years ago, and has also made dusting a whole new experience. This product-oriented advertisement focuses on the products feature: having fun while you clean. Swiffer’s tag is “gives cleaning a whole new meaning,” which shows that with this new duster brush, you can now have fun cleaning instead of the mindless task it used to be.

Getting consumers to purchase or even be interested in a product that revolves around cleaning isn’t an easy task, so Swiffers way of attracting people is by positioning cleaning as a ‘fun thing to do’. They don’t come right out and say it, but their short tag line leaves it up for the interpretation of each consumer as to what the “new meaning” really is. If shopping for a dusting product, one is going to be automatically attracted to the packaging that makes cleaning sound fun.

This specific advertisement is located above a subway door. Clever placement because people on subways often think about how dirty it really is on there and notice the grime and filth all around them. As they leave, they see Swiffer and think clean things. The next time they’re in a store they automatically notice Swiffer when looking for a cleaning related product. This multiplies even more-so if they ride the subway everyday and build up frequency with the ad.

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