Select Harvest Light.

This ad is for Campbell’s soup line called Select Harvest Light. It provides a soup and other meal alternatives for someone trying to eat less.

The strategy here is to show how much you can have with an 80 calorie meal. The ad shows an alternative meal to their soup and then what their product can provide. The images of the two meals provide the visualization that their soup gives you a bigger meal for the same amount of calories. Then down in the copy it describes more in detail about the soup. To those who don’t know, their Select Harvest soup has “wholesome ingredients” like real vegetables and whole grain pasta.

This ad uses the product-oriented subset of product feature. This is clearly seen because the ad is selling a feature of their soup —how much quantity you get within one meal compared to another alternative. This helps with the appeal to reason that a consumer will have. The consumer sees how much they could have in comparison and can distinctly see that they would have a more filling and healthy option with the Select Harvest Light soup.

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