Goodbye stubble. Hello silky smoothness.

 Laugh if you want, but I can tell you one thing: this hairy man’s face is as smooth as a baby’s bottom thanks to Schick Quattro with aloe AND vitamin E!

 Unlike his strikingly smooth face, the rest of his body is well-covered with long, dark and presumably thick hair. The strategy of this ad is that even on the hairiest of men, the Schick Quattro can get the job done and make his face silky-smooth.

 The subset that this Schick Quattro advertisement belongs in is the selling of the product feature. Even with the total of four blades to slice the hair closer to your face than ever before, you’re going to need something to make sure your face can reach the optimum smoothness. That’s where the Vitamin E and aloe come in to play. These two factors combine to create the most formidable opponent thus far to any hair on your body.

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