Feel Fresh up to…5X Longer?!

“Feel fresh up to 5X longer” was the first thing that stood out to me in this advertisement. Using the Scope bottles to make an hour glass was witty, and helped make the strategy pop out; you will have 5X longer lasting fresh breath by using Scope Outlast. By using the hour glass, they are saying it will take a while (5X longer) for your fresh breath to “run out.”

This ad is a part of two product oriented subsets:

  • Product Feature: The product feature is the fact that you will have fresh breath that lasts up to 5X longer due to Scope Outlast. That would be a main reason people would switch to this product. Also, at the bottom right corner, the two flavors are shown: Mint and Peppermint. By telling you this, you know you have two flavors to choose from because not all people like mint and not all people like peppermint; this is another product feature.
  • Unique Selling Proposition: The unique selling proposition subset is shown because of almost the same reason as the product feature: the benefit of 5X longer lasting breath is unique to the brand because Scope is all about fresh breath, whether their consumers are using their toothpaste or their mouthwash. By making one of their own products better, Scope may receive a better name and change the way people think of the brand. Not all brands that produce mouthwash can say that theirs will give longer lasting fresh breath than other leading brands, or even than their own previous products.
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