Campaign for Real (Factual) Beauty

This advertisement for Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash differs greatly from the vast majority of Dove advertisements that most of us have gotten used to seeing. Instead of using the Campaign for Real Beauty’s strategy of focusing on consumer’s self-esteem issues, this advertisement stands out because it’s strategy is to focus on the benefits and features of the product itself.

The advertisement shows a demonstration between Dove’s body wash and a leading competitor. The strategy behind this comparison is to show that Dove’s body wash moisturizes much deeper due to their specific product features. One can assume that most body washes can achieve relatively the same general level of ‘cleanliness’ , however, this ad distinguishes itself with their trademarked formula, NutriumMoisture, which they claim is the most effective natural nourishment ever. Another unique selling proposition subset featured in the ad is showing how the body wash has earned the seal of Good Housekeeping, which is unique because not every body wash has the ability to earn this coveted title.

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