With the busy world we live in today, people everywhere are looking for ways to save time. Paper plates, which used to be used only for informal meals such as lunch for the kids on a summer day, are now being used for much more formal meals. However, everyone knows paper plates aren’t that convenient for holding a large meal or even for use in the microwave.

This ad for Dixie Ultra Paper Plates focuses on the newest addition to the Dixie brand. The Dixie Ultra is made to hold everything on the menu, not just the sides.

This ad fits into two subsets:

Product Feature: The ad has a picture of the Dixie Ultra plates in the package the consumer will purchase it in.  The ad also includes a picture of an individual Dixie Ultra in action.  This plate has a full meal being served on it along with gravy. These two images and the headline help the product appeal to the consumer by showing how strong the plates actually are.

Unique Selling Proposition: At the bottom of the ad there is a statement that reads “New Dixie Ultra. The Strongest Paper Plate You can Buy.” The advertisement is reaching out to the audience by letting them know that their product is not only strong and durable, it’s the “STRONGEST” they will ever buy, no matter how many brands they may try.

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