Smart Power

Duracell batteries have come out with a new feature called “power check.”  The batteries allow you to see how much power is left in your batteries so you know when you need to get new ones.  This is helpful because when something stops working you tend to throw away both batteries and its not always the case that both are dead.  Now you can tell which one you can still use for a while longer and which is completely useless.

I feel that the ad showed the new specific feature of the product very clearly.  Most batteries claim to have the longest lasting power or claim to be the most efficient.  Now Duracell has come out with a way to prove it.  The strategy of the ad was to say that these batteries are not only long-lasting but also it physically shows you how much power is left.  Duracell has put out ads before saying that the batteries are trusted everywhere and showed several situations where battery power is critical.  Now it is easier to see how much power you have left in whatever device you are using.  The product-oriented ad is categorized in the product feature  subset.  It specifically shows the feature of the battery in the ad and not just the brand as a whole.

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