Win With Your Toothbrush

This magazine ad is selling the new Oral-B Triumph toothbrush.

This ad is selling one of the generic benefits of the toothbrush: to brush teeth and to make them clean. However, this ad also shows the product distinctions Oral-B Triumph has compared to its competitors in the toothbrush category. Oral-B Triumph has a FlossAction Brushhead, which dramatically cleans deeper than ordinary brushes. Triumph also has an On-Board Computer to help make sure you brush your teeth long enough and has an alarm set, as a reminder,  for when  the brushheads need replaced. Needless to say, the Oral-B Triumph’s unique selling proposition and features places it the first in the toothbrush category to consist of such a high technology, computer generated toothbrush. It literally triumphs, over the ordinary boring toothbrushes.  Between the product features that place the Oral-B Triumph higher than the other toothbrushes and the well-known Oral-B brand, consumers’ perceptions resonate with the unique product distinctions and perceive Oral-B Triumph to be the best toothbrush out on the shelves.

The Oral-B Triumph sells the generic cleaning factor of a toothbrush, but goes above and beyond to distinguish itself with innovative technology – FlossAction Brushhead and an On-Board Computer – that will make the consumer feel as if they just stepped out of the dentist chair, rather than their bathroom.

The product-oriented strategy for this ad falls into the subsets of generic claim, product features, unique selling proposition and positioning; however, the strongest of the four is the Oral-B Triumph’s unique selling proposition because it is the first in the toothbrush category to consist of its high-tech benefits. The execution of this ad goes along with the strategy perfectly. The ad creates a sense of power and fulfillment and visually displays the toothbrush as being the best, the top dog, because the image of the Triumph is very large, which means dominance. It looks as if the toothbrush has defeated everything, as if it triumphed over everything. The woman in the ad is holding the Oral-B Triumph like a trophy and she looks as if she is claiming her victory after winning a race, which shows that only winners brush with the new Oral-B Triumph.

So, who doesn’t like to win I ask you?

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