Nice Tat!

An average tattoo advertisement can arguably be targeted at the “fuzzy somebodies” because the company still has a service they want to sell more of. But when it comes to targeting a specific audience, a tattoo ad would and should use different tactics to capture their audience’s attention. In this particular ad there is a small paragraph below suggesting that in order for the ad to be successful, the advertiser should follow the provided advice. The paragraph states that “Different target groups will respond better to different models in your ads. To be credible, believable, and effective, your models should represent your customers’ ideal image of themselves.” To me this statement separates this ad from targeting a “fuzzy somebody” to an ad targeting individuals in the tattoo wearing community.

The strategy this ad uses simply shows the tattooed consumer that their establishment is superior because its experience and talent. The tactics this ad uses to reach its target audience involves listing the various features of their parlor to show how they are superior in the tattoo industry. Qualities and features such as custom work, single use of needles, an award winning artist and having over 60,000 designs are all things that would appeal to someone who has tattoos. Those are things they would want and expect to be provided when going to a tattoo parlor.  In addition to the qualities and features of the ad, placing models tailored to a specific audience  separates this ad from targeting the “fuzzy somebodies” to targeting the tattoo wearers of the world.

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