Newborn Swaddlers

When first seeing a diaper advertisement, those who don’t have children wouldn’t think twice about turning the next page.

This ad is not only focusing on parents of young children in general, but this ad is specifically aimed towards the parents of newborns. Pampers produces a wide range of childcare products, and they have now introduced a new line called Swaddlers.

Parents-to-be have so many worries up until delivery, and I can only assume that things such as picking out a child’s future name come higher on a parent’s list of priorities than making a diaper preference.

Because of this, new parents might not realize how all diapers aren’t exactly created equal. This ad features a diaper with bullet points explaining their unique features. Most people would never realize how important an umbilical cord notch feature would be until actually having an actual newborn to care for.

This ad definitely filters out the “fuzzy somebodies” by catering to the specific needs, wants, and desires of every parent with a newborn baby to take care of. After all, they probably need all the extra help they can get.

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