Make the Internet A Safe Place

Adults who have young children are easy to target, especially using a hard-sell approach.  This advertisement for Internet Group Parental Control targets parents with young children that have access to a computer.

We all know how easy it is to search for something, anything, on the internet. Type in anything you happen to be curious about and BAM, millions of results within seconds.  With this information, however, may come many results that may be too mature or shall I saw, informative, for a younger audience.

This ad uses a visual of a pleasantly soft teddy bear. How adorable. But wait, this teddy bear is undressing.  Not so innocent anymore, right? Internet group uses the headline “Children can learn many things on the Internet,” as a hard-sell approach to parents.  This puts a sense of fear in them as they think about their children searching the internet.  The ad also states “Make the Internet A Safe Place,” right next to the company’s logo. If parents use IG Parental Control, their children can safely roam the web without learning things they shouldn’t know for a very, very long time.

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