Dulcolax is a product many people haven’t purchased before. After seeing this advertisement, however, the next time you need a laxative hopefully you’ll remember this.

Many people in the market for this product know the name well, and those that haven’t needed it before probably haven’t seen many of their ads but still know their name.

This ad wipes out all the ‘fuzzy somebodies’ because you’re only going to be in the market for this product if you are a little more backed up than normal. Dulcolax  is an item that can’t be confused with another product category; laxatives are laxatives.

Without any words, this ad simply says ‘Dulcolax will clear you’re pipes.’ Once you start to think about it, it gets a little disturbing, but that’s what its intent is and that’s exactly what it does. The facial expressions on the rat’s faces shows that this is a serious deal; it’s not messing around. The simplicity of the ad lets you spend more time looking at the detail of the image and take in the full effect of what this specific laxative can do for you.

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