Brooks: Run Happy

I recently have become a fan of running and participating in marathons throughout the year. While flipping through my January/February 2010 issue of Running Times Magazine I came across this advertisement for Brook’s tennis shoes.

The strategy is that with these shoes you’re adrenaline will increase and you will have a better chance of winning. Many tactics were used to express the strategy: They related the shoe to something else; the shoe is portrayed as a car in the ad, and two men are “riding” inside. The looks on the guys’ faces give you the impression that they won the race wearing their Brooks. The crowd is cheering and everyone looks happy. The bottom of the page says “run happy”, and I feel that this is a perfect saying for the feeling of this picture. At the top of the page reads, “The adrenaline GTS 10-The next evolution of a proven winner.” After reading this and seeing the picture on the ad, you know that they are saying the shoes will help you run faster and help increase your adrenaline needed to do so.

This ad does not target all people. I like to run, therefore I want to have good running shoes and read up on running. People who do not run are more than likely not going to subscribe to a runners magazine or want to find the best running shoes out there. Yeah, people who workout and may run while they workout may want a good shoe, but for someone who runs all the time, the best and most comfortable shoe is very important.

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