Young Peyton Manning: Still not Fuzzy

This ad for the 2010 NFL Draft is certainly targeted at one audience in particular. People who love football and also the draft.

Because this year’s draft will begin on a Thursday in prime time, the NFL is letting people know by showing one of their most marketable players on the day he was chosen by Indianapolis.

Their target audience is most likely comprised almost entirely of people who have watched the NFL Draft before. And there’s a clear approach that this ad takes. There’s no explaining what the event is, just alerting consumers that it begins on a new day and at a much later time of day.

I know I am usually on about 4 or 5 websites while the draft is taking place and do absolutely nothing else during that time. And even I keep going “oh, yeah” every time I hear the new format mentioned. Because of this, it is definitely a good idea to advertise it in sports publications like the one I found this in. There would be some upset people turning on their TVs at noon on Saturday expecting the Rams (or someone else) to be making the first pick, not the hundredth.

There are no “fuzzy somebodies” being targeted here, even though a ton of people not in the target demo know who Peyton Manning is. He’s the quarterback with the laser rocket arm. Not the one who once threw his offensive line under the bus or threw the game-clinching Super Bowl touchdown for the wrong team.


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